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Embark on a culinary adventure at Meokja Meokja, where our menu beckons you to indulge in the true essence of Korean BBQ. From the delectable Marinated Beef Short Ribs (Galbi) to the zesty Spicy Pork Belly, each dish is a harmonious blend of authentic flavors. Dive into our thoughtfully crafted selection, featuring favorites like Thin Sliced Brisket and Seafood Pancake. At Meokja Meokja, every menu offering is a tribute to premium ingredients and the vibrant spirit of Korean gastronomy. Join us for an extraordinary dining experience that promises to tantalize your taste buds.

Marinated Beef

Soybean Soup

Thin Sliced Brisket

Kimchi Fried Rice

Thick Cut Unmarinated

Spicy Pork Belly

Seafood Pancake

Kimchi Soup