Meokja Meokja

Welcome to Meokja Meokja – Korean-style grill-your-own meat

Discover the art of Korean BBQ at Meokja Meokja in Fairfax, VA! Grill-your-own premium meats, relish authentic flavors, and indulge in a modern dining experience. From Marinated Beef Short Ribs to Spicy Pork Belly, our menu is a celebration of Korean culinary delights. Join us for a sizzling adventure in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Reserve your spot now and savor the essence of Meokja Meokja!

Meokja Meokja

Our Story

Meokja Meokja began with a passion for authentic Korean BBQ in the heart of Fairfax, VA. Our story is one of crafting unique dining experiences, offering premium meats like Marinated Beef Short Ribs and Thick Cut Unmarinated Pork Belly. Join us for a sizzling adventure, where every bite tells a tale of dedication to quality and the vibrant flavors of Korean cuisine. Welcome to Meokja Meokja, where passion meets culinary excellence!

Marinated Beef

Soybean Soup

Thin Sliced Brisket

Thick Cut Unmarinated

Spicy Pork Belly

Seafood Pancake

Recommended Reviews

"I love love love love this place. My absolutely favorite Korean BBQ restaurant. I would eat here every weekend if I could. One thing to note is that it is a long wait so go early and put your name on the wait list. The servers cook the meats for you which is very nice. The restaurant is very clean and the music is so good!"
Rachel G.
"First time coming here... the facade is kinda sceptical but dont let that deceive you. Once you try the food .... It is amazing, we had combo 1 ... - we had the large set for a group of 3. Music was nice, not so loud and lighting i love it. Just a bit annoyed because of my seat, smoke directly hits my face, stings my eyes so bad."
Mic T.
"First time finally going to this place and I definitely had high expectations because of how much this place is hyped. I think after all the high expectations I had, it became overhyped to me after finally trying out the place. It's still great, but it's not absolutely phenomenal in my opinion!"
Khanh-Chau M.
"We came before 5pm last Saturday and this place was already packed... I thought they opened at 5pm?! We got seated right away though, so my husband should feel lucky he didn't have to deal with my hangry azz lol. "
Janice Y.